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Ready? Fight! ….er I mean Build! – Anno Online #1

This is Anno Online! An free online city building social game in the spirit of Anno 1403. I’m going to try to play Read more

Bustin out the Diamond Pipe! – Maqt Beats FTB Unleashed #9 (Minecraft)

Ok, so number one, I don’t start talking until about 35 seconds in. I really need to figure out a better system for Read more

Gardening and Other Plans – Maqt Beats FTB Unleashed #8 (Minecraft)

This episode is full of a bunch of random things that just needed to be done. I did get a small garden planted, Read more

A Barrel! – Maqt Beats FTB Unleashed #7 (Minecraft)

Continuing onward! I spend most of this episode getting my small base established. some better storage, some tree cutting. I also find out Read more

Temporary Storage System – Maqt Beats FTB Unleashed #6 (Minecraft)

Now I’m working towards…well, I’m not really sure. The temporary quarry storage gets finished though! That’s good. Right? and a larger platform… and Read more