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    Ben Wo

    Decided to finally set this up at the request of a viewer. Post in this thread to get a villager in my Timber and Stone series named after you! Please, only one name request per village! (When I die or start over feel free to request again.)

    All names and profession requests will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.



    Hello, My names Snowfallen ^^, If you noticed Lol, I watch your channel all the time Just for timber and stone mostly because Its the most interesting thing on your channel to watch to me, 7 days to die is fun too but Timber and stone is my favorite But anyway not to get too off topic, Id like to be the first to request a Name for Either a Farmer or a Soldier Which ever is better for you or Available for that matter, And Id Like the name to be Snow Or Snowfallen Please. I would just love to see the name pop up in a video and It would just make my day every time I watch the series and its like “Snow go kill that skeleton”, Or a Farmer like “Snow get back to getting food” Or something lol.


    Profession: Soldier Or Farmer

    Name: Snow or Snowfallen (( Which ever you like better ^^ ))



    Hey I wrote on your Youtube wall on ep. 52 and I was wondering if I could get a archer named Phire Phrost instead of just Phire when ever you get a archer back up and running!

    Thanks a bunch!



    A few simple ones to go with the humor of the game. Boned. Spider Bait. Raetac Refugee.



    Hello, I subscribed to the channel because of timber and stone several months ago. It’s great that you are willing to interact with your audience and make it fun. I would like to request the name “Codest” for a carpenter or something. Keep the videos coming you’re doing great!



    Hey Ben I was wandering can you name an infantry/engineer Kevin it was a terrible to see the old town go.



    Name a carpenter Rune..? It’s not referring to a rune object from old gravestones. I am referring to the swedish name Rune. Listen to the pronunciation here: http://translate.google.com/#sv/en/Rune



    Request name- BenShen
    🙂 Loving the series



    Name request – Arnlaugur as a builder



    Is this still up? How can I join and how would I make request name for my own preference?

    “works at http://caldwells.com/

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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