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    hello this is sea300 and i would like to request a unban because on the 1.8 server you where aloud to gerif so i never want it to get me ban but i know i went over bord i am deeply sorry so here a bit of my side of the story i was hideing in the wallsand i came out evey time some one left i would take a crafting tableand people thoughi was hacking cause i was not seen so then peoplo saw i was not talking and i was not causei was holding shift then people found me and chause me so i ran and made a boat and hid at the conner of the map so then i got attack and i killed him so then he tough i was hacking then i made a base of crafting table and i was told togive every thing i have back soi was typeing out my long message because my arm was broken and it took me awly to type but then i keep geting kick could not give it back then i got ban so it a new serverso i hope i can get a new start and i am relly a fun person and good builder so i hope i can be let back. Sea

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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