7 Days to Die: Alpha Released!

Hey everyone just wanted to drop a super quick update in regard to 7 Days to Die! The Kickstarter was a huge success, with the game getting just over $500,000 in backing! That’s more than twice their goal! All of the stretch goals were met, so there should be plenty of awesome features coming down the pipeline.

For those who preordered the game before the kickstarter, or backed via PayPal, alpha codes are already being sent out! If you don’t have your copy yet, I feel for you, but hang in there, the Fun Pimps are pushing out emails as quickly as their servers allow! If you didn’t preorder or back on kickstarter and are now realizing all the zombie ownage you’ll be missing out on, the game will be available for anyone to purchase (even the alpha!) once the “buy” page on the official website goes back up in one or two days.

Matt and I got our alpha codes late last night and are planning to begin a Co-Op series in mere hours! Stay tuned as those episodes should be coming out fast and furious over the coming weeks!

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