7 Days to Die – Zombie Survival Game Kickstarter

Hey everyone, Ben here! I just wanted to make a quick post about a new voxel-based survival game on the horizon called 7 Days to Die! Now this isn’t your daddy’s Minecraft clone, it’s a full-on zombie apocalypse with a completely destructible and reconstructable world! There’s crafting of your own weapons, and traps, and… well, just check out the kickstarter demo video!

Both Matt and I have bought into Alpha access already, and we’re just itching to get our hands on this thing and bring you some co-op zombie ownage videos. (I’m not sure who’s doing the owning in that sentence.) If you’re into zombies, or open worlds, or voxel games, or very possibly all three, head over to the kickstarter and show this game some love!

Go check out the 7 Days to Die Kickstarter page here!

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