Announcement! – Feed The Beast Launcher / Mod Pack / Server Released!

A New Launcher is out for Minecraft! Its called the Feed The Beast Launcher (FTB Launcher). Its a very nice, easy to use Minecraft Launcher. Direwolf20 has put out a tutorial on how to use it, a link to his video is below.

All of the mods in the Feed The Beast Modpack are used with the permission of the modders themselves.

Some of the mods it currently includes are:

(PLEASE NOTE: EE3 and Redpower are not finished yet and therefore are not currently in the mod pack. They will be added in once they are finished.)

Buildcraft 3
Steve’s carts
Portal gun
Ender storage
Extra BiomesXL
Secret rooms
Greg’s lighting
Computer Craft
Wireless redstone
Rei’s Minimap
Iron chests

Feed The Beast Launcher:
Launcher Tutorial by Direwolf20:
Feed The Beast Wiki:

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