TerraFirmaCraft – #3 – One Ugly House!

Maqt and Ben continue with the new Minecraft mod: TerraFirmaCraft !

While settling into their new island home Ben explains what the “knapping” interface refers to. Then, Ben starts on a house, while Maqt digs trenches…

The only mod we’re using is the Terra Firma Craft Mod. The Idea behind the mod is to make Minecraft more realistic and more difficult. There are a lot of new types of trees, seeds(plants), stones, and ores.

TerraFirmaCraft: “Survival mode as it should’ve been.”

TerraFirmaCraft Mod: http://www.terrafirmacraft.com/
TerraFirmaCraft Wiki: http://wiki.terrafirmacraft.com/Main_Page

Check out Ben’s Channel for Tekkit, ComputerCraft, and more!
Ben’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bwochinski

Thanks for the Mod Bioxx!
Bioxx’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bioxx666

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