Sky Technic! – Ep 1: Start!

A New Minecraft Map: SkyTechnic!

This is a variation on the sky box theme, but using the Equivalent exchange mod of the Technic pack to get most of your resources. You start on a single block: a transmutation tablet.

I’m going to be playing through this map and mainly just messing around and seeing what I can build. I want to see how many resources I can create through Technic without using the resources included in the map; in other words: do I really need iron ore to get iron ingots?

Thanks, Plasmarf, for making the map!

If you haven’t tried Technic or Tekkit you Should! Its really easy to install if you use the installer provided at the link below.

SkyTechnic map:

Technic pack:
Techventures Technic Expansion:

Texture Pack: Sphax BDcraft:

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